WOMAN-RIDES-THE-BEAST-2 Wounded Warriors , A site for the faithful and believing, for the happy and the hurting, , Upon these pages we hope you find Joy, and Hope and Patience.

“It is in the quiet crucible of your personal, private suffering that your noblest dreams are born and Yahweh's greatest gifts are given, in compensation for what you have been through.” ~~ Wintley Phipps ~~

That profound truth should give hope to those who are going through serious trials. Keep in mind that all we fear is under Yahweh's sovereign authority and plan. Our battles have been won, and although we still must fight the good fight, believers are guaranteed the victory. Those who belong to Yeshua are already standing in the winner’s circle surrounded by Yahweh's Spirit. We are not alone nor left to fend for ourselves. We are a chosen people who will one day rule with Yeshua. The forces of hell and the darkness of this world cannot stop the royal future that Yeshua died to give us. He has gone to prepare a place for us so wonderful that our finite minds cannot begin to comprehend the beauty that awaits us.

Wounded warriors, never doubt that Yahweh is going to make a way for you too. He has your back covered! Your impossible situation is under his authority and he knows how to make it work out in his perfect plan for you. I don’t care how bad it seems right now, there is always hope if you will surrender it to Yeshua to do as he pleases. Be strong and believe. Remember discouragement is a lying spirit which ushers in doubt. Take your thoughts captive and line them up with the truth. We are so close to the glorious appearing of Messiah. He is with your right now – you have only to be silent!